Field Rifle Rengöringskit, .22-.338 M&P by Smith & Wesson

Artikelnr: 108-2194

Whether you are an avid shooter, or a once a year shooter, the Tipton Field Rifle Cleaning Kit is for you. Clean rifle calibers ranging from .22-.338 and then easily store the used product right back into the resealable packaging. This kit is perfect for tossing into a hunting pack for emergency situations or for once a year cleaning of a firearm. No matter the situation, this compact package of essentials is what every shooter needs.

  • For cleaning rifle calibers ranging from .22-.338
  • Comes in a resealable package for easy and secure storage and transportation
  • Includes: Coated steel cable with felt plugs for bore cleaning, nylon brush with pick for stubborn fouling, lint-free cloth for wiping down firearms, pre-saturated oil wipe for metal protection, lens cleaning wipe for scopes, grease packet for lubrication of high-wear areas and disposable gloves
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